Monday, February 17, 2014

Jockey Club Cocktail

I knew this one was coming up in the Guide, and based on the name alone I was feeling pretty good.

It's the Jockey Club Cocktail! You wouldn't be allowed to name your cocktail after the Jockey  Club if your drink wasn't in it to win it, right?



The Jockey Club Cocktail, as interpreted by the Guide, is a depressing sort of drink.

2 oz Gin
2 dashes White Crème de Cacao
Juice of 1/4 Lemon
1 dash Angostura


Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
I mean, come on. This is the sad creation of someone who had half a bottle of gin sitting around, and the dregs of a few other ingredients at hand.

Two dashes of White Crème de Cacao? Seriously? What does that even mean? And how is that supposed to make any difference to the drink?

The juice of a quarter of a lemon? It's like someone pulled a wedge out of a nearby water glass, and just squeezed it into the gin.

And the Angostura is expected to carry a heck of a lot of weight in this cocktail, rather than simply adding the right amount of something something to bring out the best of the other ingredients.

There are no other ingredients. There is gin.

This is the part where I have to mention that, on general principles, I am not opposed to the occasional glass of gin. But the Jockey Club Cocktail should have a bit more respect for the concept of a good drink.

Or, perhaps, naming a glass of gin after the Jockey Club says everything you need to know about the Jockey Club.

The Jockey Club Cocktail recipes everywhere else on the internet rely on Scotch, or on Amaretto, or on Crème de Noyaux. 

Trust me. You'll want to try one of those recipes instead.

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