Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hawaiian Cocktail

Hawaiian Cocktail: Gin, Cointreau, Pineapple Juice

DP summed up this one by saying it "put the pine in the pineapple". And from that you can guess that this is an unusual drink...

Gin, Cointreau, Pineapple Juice

The kohlrabi in the photo has nothing to do with the drink, or with Hawaii; it has to do with dinner, thanks to our CSA. A dinner of kohlrabi tofu stir-fry over brown rice. Fiber!

As for the cocktail, the juniper in the gin really did seem to bring out a resinous quality from the pineapple, keeping the Cointreau from making things too sweet, and producing a concoction that ranks right up there with the Golden Tang in the list of drinks in the Guide that bring unusual flavor combinations to the table.

4 parts Gin
1 part Cointreau
1 part Pineapple Juice


Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
I'm not going to say it's Top Shelf, but I'd definitely have this one again.

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